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Do you want to know how to make great looking wargames terrain and model scenery? Would you like to exchange terrain modelling tips and show off your wargaming terrain and other model scenery to a family-oriented community where the emphasis is on encouragement rather than criticism? Here at TerraGenesis, we've been doing all that since 1997.

Please note that although TerraGenesis' emphasis is on wargaming terrain, we have, and welcome, contributions from railroad modellers, diorama builders, dolls' house enthusiasts (especially gardeners), and indeed anybody using related model making techniques.


TerraGensis also has an extensive gallery of images that includes reference shots, finished terrain models and work in progress (WIP) shots. A selection of images are shown in the column to the right of this text.

You can use our keyword search mechanism to find images in our gallery.


We've been running monthly competitions on our forums since 2005 (possibly longer), and in 2006 we began archiving the entries... so we now have an extensive collection; which we feel sure you will find inspiring.

The three images below show the winners of the last three competitions. Click them for more details of the competitions, and the entries.


TerraGenesis has facilities whereby members can post links... and we've built up an extensive collection.

The 10 most recently updated links are:


As well as being a resouce, TerraGenesis is also an active community of terrain modellers who post on our forums. Check out the TerraGenesis Forums to see what people are making, ask questions, and discuss the terrain making hobby.

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