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Ale's Castle

After recently playing a video game I got some inspiration to loosely attempt to make a model of one of the levels in that game. And since I needed a break from working on my game table I felt this would come aid some relief.

Not too far along yet and so far I think it is going to end up being a lot bigger then I had originally thought but oh well. I guess I dont like working on little projects at all since this is my 3rd piece and it is another gigantic one. So far I am liking it a lot and actually quite enjoy drawing the bricks. Kinda feels like I am at work building a wall but without all the heavy lifting Smile

CC welcome on what you see so far. Thanks

Image 20110327001825
Image 20110327001836
Image 20110327001846

Very cool so far; the stairs look very professional. What did you use to texturize your foam?

I think that pen on third picture may be hint Cool .

Again, this looks really good so far.

Looks like an aluminum foil ball was rolled across the foam after bricks were carved.

good work alederion Thumbs Up

It looks great and you are working very fast with this project.

Thanks for the comments so far. Smile I like working on this much more then my game table. Easier to sketch out a design and follow it then it is trying to fill a 2 ft x 2 ft area with something. But that is usually the case when you have a design to go off of.

Melly.Monkey said:

What did you use to texturize your foam?

Caleb hit the nail on the head with this one. He must be psychic or something. (Or I mentioned it to him in chat?)

Hopefully things continue to go this well. I'm gonna have to sketch up what I am going to do for the next section pretty soon.

Clearly these were the stairs being discussed when the topic was -how thick to make / how to scale- stairs.

Caleb said:

Looks like an aluminum foil ball was rolled across the foam after bricks were carved.

I have been known to roll pieces of basalt over foam to imprint a texture.

@Ale: Looks very nice so far. What [video] game is this from?

[Edit: ...anywhere close to here?]

Here is what I have been working on the past few days...At first I thought it was fun drawing bricks. But now, not so much. I still have 2 walls to do yet and another 6-7 inches to add on top of what I already have there for the tower.

I figured I would do it in pieces to you can disassemble it when a player enters it and as they get higher in the tower you can add another piece on. Hopefully it works out how I have planned.

Image 20110330033607

Image 20110330033618

@pendrake yeah, that is the game i got the inspiration from but not the correct level. I tried to find a decent pic of what it looked like but couldn't find a good one.

Might not be fun carving bricks, but it sure looks good. I bet this will look great with a layer of paint on it. Keep up the good work.

Got a little bit done in the past week Takes a little bit longer to carve the bricks then I thought it would. The tower is just about finished, i have to add the roof yet and then I have one more side to do. I havent done anything with that side yet because there is gonna be a stone bridge connected to it and I was gonna rework the design because I was going to have a solid wall all the way down from the top of the bridge to the ground. And that would be a ton of bricks to draw in there.

First image is the top floor of the tower. That is a regular space marine in there for scale. After seeing the tower at its almost finished height I think I may have made it a bit bigger then i wanted to. The roof will be another inch on top of what is there.

Image 20110409223907

This is the side of the tower that the bridge will be connected to. The top of the bridge will be the same level of the door the space marine is in. I thought about doing columns to hold the bridge up so it wouldnt be a solid wall....but I am going to have steps going up for an additional way to get to the top so that in itself will almost add a solid wall already. What I have sketched out so far, the bridge is going to be about 12" long, make a 90 degree turn and go another 6-8 inches to another tower. The steps for the additional way up kinda went along the bridge all the way around it and through a tunnel i was gonna put in it. With steps that are 1/2" by 1' it took pretty much that whole distance to make it to the top. (I hope that makes sense) If not, it does to me Smile

Image 20110409224735

Just an additional shot from a different angle.

Image 20110409223926

Well, I reworked my design several times. After many attempts I made one I liked better then my original, however, I think I am just gonna make a solid wall to the ground for my bridge. Means lots of brick carving, but I think it will look better then having columns. Lets hope I am right Smile

I like the use of different shaped bricks. Something that will make the pattern more believable is if you minimize vertical seams. The more interlocked a wall is the stronger it will be.
Just something to think about.

Caleb said:

Something that will make the pattern more believable is if you minimize vertical seams

Brick wall I meant to split those vertical seams up, but I completely forgot and now it is partially painted. Maybe i can fill the gaps in some of the spots yet to hide them a little bit without having to redo too much stuff. Once it is glued together too it might look a little better.

But anyways, here is what i got painted so far. Pics look better then it does irl but was just looking for some comments on how it looks. So far it is just a black undercoat with a heavy drybrushing of a midtone grey.

Image 20110413202911
Image 20110413202930

The bricks really come out well on this model. Looks great so far, but whats it going to be? Some sort of keep? I've had an eye on this thread for a while, but never really commented.. so here I am Smile Look forward to seeing some more


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