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Wizard's Tower

Hi Folks,

After a break of a few weeks I'm getting back into the modelling again and I've put together a small fantasy building. A tower for a wizard. It's the biggest piece I've ever made - it stands about 13" inches high. The inspiration came from Melly.Monkeys wind mill, but I wanted to keep it simple just so that I could gain some experience from something different.

It's a simple cardboard tube for the main part of the house, with two smaller ones for the little turret. It's been coated with sand/pva for the texture. The roof is a card cone with tiles made from cereal packets. Deliberately wonky with nothing lining up (I couldn't have got it lined up even if I had tried!)

The mushrooms are made from air dried clay. The ivy is just chopped dried parsley. The scale is roughly 28mm. Hope you like it. I've certainly enjoyed making it though sticking on all the tiles was rather laborious!!

Wizard' Tower

Closeup of the mushrooms

Image: 20130221205738

Nice! I'm glad my project could motivate yours. I really like the turret off the back. You might want to go over your walls with some tan paint on a sponge next time, or a sepia wash. The stark white is a little distracting. Otherwise, you did a good job - definitely wonky in a good way Thumbs Up

Very nice wizard's tower. I would like to know how the mushrooms were made. How to do the air drying. Did you just make mushroom shapes from the clay?

Thanks Melly.Monkey for the praise and comments - I'll be taking another look at it with a view to making some improvements.

Regarding the mushrooms they were made by moulding air dry clay (DAS) over a pencil end (for the pointed ones) and the end of my finger for the flatter ones. The stalks were simply clay moulded into a small "snakes" with slightly pointed tops which then fitted into the underside of the tops. Very simple and quick to do. They were then dried on the radiator over night. The two parts, top and stalk, were stuck together with superglue afterwards.

This is really quite an excellent piece. Nice!

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